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Our mission is to strengthen the connection between seniors, alumni and the local business community. Slicers graduate LaPorte High School prepared to meet the many challenges of college and careers. When you “Hire a Slicer,” you are not only making the choice to support our community but also recognizing the quality and the potential of Slicers. We work with local business owners to find the right job candidates. Contact us today to see how you can get your job listed.
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Students who pre-registered for the Job Hiring Event on May 26, 2021, at the La Porte Civic Center, are qualified for winning a $200 Visa gift card!  The winner will be announced the day of the event.  
Employers – LPHS is currently working to populate student resumes in preparation for the event.  Those employers who are interested in being a vendor and have not yet registered, still have time to sign-up.  At this time, we are focusing on La Porte businesses and companies who are interested in hiring our students.
Thank you to all the participants and students who are building strong, healthy relationships with our locally owned companies and businesses.  Also, a big thank you to Michael Riehle, Mary Wellnitz, and all of Workforce Innovations and WorkOne in creating this event!

Employer Spotlight

Genisis Robotics

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